Cockatoos and Conch

9 Conch and Cockatoos-Valorie Vogel meme.jpg

In emerald-green satin, a young woman sits on a black sand beach with turquoise waves crashing nearby.  Pouring cool water from a conch shell onto her skin she washes the accumulation of dust from her soul.  A flower in her hair, she is surrounded by red-lipped orchids and cockatoos.  A soft setting sun is accompanied by a rising moon amidst glittering stars.

Memories of vacations with girlfriends in the islands of Hawaii fill this painting.  I am entranced by the Na Pali coastline. The helicopter ride gave me a thrill of a lifetime as we made our way up and over sharp ridges toward the ocean.  Waterfalls gush from between the peaks and we go in for a closer look.