Scarf Dance

Scarf Dance-Valorie Vogel

A woman dressed in sleek, green dress dances with her cockatoo.  She's holding a sheer scarf, embellished with spiral designs.  She follows her passion, flowing through her as music pulses in her veins.  Sensuously she moves, scarf gliding through the air.

Vines hang along the window and orchids grow in her home.  A table of her things before her.  Make-up, lingerie and hand-blown glass perfume bottle.  Volcanic peaks with cascades into a pool of aquamarine outside her window.  Softly setting sunset sky. 

While vacationing in Egypt with girlfriends, a young man approaches us on the street.  Intrigued, we follow him in our cab to a perfumery.  I'm in heaven inhaling different scents, trying to choose only one for a special bottle I liked.  It is hand-crafted from clear glass with swirls and dots of aqua-green.  My perfume is a blend of jasmine and other floral oils.