Star Maker-Valorie Vogel

He's painting by the water's edge. Grackle ( a sort of blackbird)  perches on his shoulder mimicking blue-violet sheen of thick, sexy hair.   Strong light illumines his skin as if lava flows in his veins.  Painterly strokes on a white jacket loosely crease across massive shoulders. Eyes look from beneath thick dark eyebrows as he paints a rocket flying into a nebula of stars.  The creative process generates intense passion.  He invents this universe from a piece of paper.  

Do you see the stars rising up off the painting?

The inspiration:  I was in Maui, Hawaii vacationing with girlfriends.  We came across an art show beneath a banyan tree that covered a whole block.  I snapped a photo of this beautiful man painting with a knife. He reminded me of Verlin, my youngest brother, whom I adore.