Wash Day

Wash Day-Valorie Vogel

For 22 years I had a private gallery of my own work in Sunny Days Plaza located in Homosassa, Florida.  I called it Valorie's Art Gallery at the suggestion of my friend, Gloria Pearson. Why didn't I think of that?  Gallery is the only word that rhymes with Valorie.

One day a stranger brought in a black and white vintage photo of coconut trees and grass huts of Bogota, Columbia, for me to paint.

To add interest to the painting it needs a "working woman".  I chose a woman hanging up her laundry.  My friend, Lee, modeled for her.  There's a red boat stashed alongside the clothesline pole at the water's edge.  Volcanic mountains pierce silvery aqua waters of the Pacific coast.

Coconut palm fronds splinter the turquoise-blue and rosy sky.  Long shadows cast across the communal yard.  Several huts crowned with golden grasses are illumined by the rising sun.  Purple cotton-candy clouds kiss the mountain-tops. 

The day is beginning, here, in Paradise.