Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror-Valorie Vogel

Daughter, Juliet, poses for this painting holding Grandma's antique hand-mirror. (I change her face)  It's made of pearly-orange plastic with designs on the back. The oval mirror has a beveled edge.

She is surrounded by purple-lipped cattleyas, the queen of orchids.  The volcano and mountain waterfalls gush silver ribbons into three crystal pools.  An orange tree invites us to eat of its succulence.   Sun sets in western sky, giving way to rising moon amidst twinkling stars.

Rainbow trout peers from the waters edge.  A vigilant cockatoo perches on the  overhanging orchid leaf, watching her every move.  She looks into the mirror, arranging her hair, sun casting reflections upon her shoulder. 

On a vacation with girlfriends in Maui, we drive the long curvy road to Hana where waterfalls fall into seven sacred pools.  We enjoy a picnic lunch on rocks overlooking the pools.  This Hawaiian Island, known for its emerald mountains and lush valleys is truly paradise.